S u s t a i n a r c h

Project O2

Project O2 – Saplings will be planted all over Turkey with the ‘Breathe to the Future’ sapling campaign initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In the campaign, which is participated through the online system, those who want to own a sapling will be able to donate saplings.

Waste to Fertilizer (W2F)
By implementing this project we are aiming to make an impact on the young generation to adopt more responsible behavior for the environment, namely recycling food by using composting facilities and transform it into a fertilizer that can be used for gardening and growing food or plants.

Water for all 

The project in question was proposed to face a issue: billions of people around the world, whether rural or urban areas, have poor access to drinking water or other treatment options for this as well as essential for their survival and end consuming water which can cause various diseases that lead to death.