S u s t a i n a r c h


S u s t a i n a r c h is a Civil & Environmental Engineering based nonprofitable youth organization. Where global professionals, academicians, researchers, students, and individual innovation will be promoted for making new leaders lead their community. Our vision is to promote young innovations, engineering knowledge & solutions, and making waste-free earth.

Our vision is

We are an online-based youth platform, where Youth Innovations, engineering education & solutions are dedicated to improving livelihoods by integrating social technology and building knowledge capacity in targeted communities to overcome various social challenges.

1. Promoting youth innovations and creating a research ecosystem 

2. Providing knowledge and finding solutions 

3. Make a waste-free earth 

Our team

Founder & CEO, Engr. MD. Safayat HOSSAIN
Asmaul Husna, Sustainarch Campus Coordinator
Zannat-E-Zerin, Author's Scoiety Coordinator
Sahadat Hossain, Sustainarch Design Coordinator
Mohaiminul Islam, Sustainarch Ambassadors Coordinator
Sustainarch Podcast Coordinator

Our Research Intern's